DJ Quendy

DJ Quendy

My name is Irina Quendy, I am from Russia and I have loved music and dance since my childhood.

I first visited a psychedelic festival when l was 18 and quickly realized that this form of music is perfect for encouraging spontaneous dance that helps the dancer to resonate with the vibration of the universe and immerse one's soul in healing meditation.

So I started collecting dance music, playing and compiling psychedelic music. In the process came an idea to create my own projects.

My first experience of making music was for a project called the 'Magic Forest’ in which l made tracks and soundtracks. My next step was to take part in the organization of festivals and events and l joined the Children Area Alliance and worked at the Trishula Festival trilogy, Indian Summer festival, Shapkee and Kalevala festivals from 2007-2012.


Now I enjoy playing, collecting and developing psychodelic progressive trance and full-on psychedelic trance. But l have more eclectic tastes and like slower and down tempo music like ethno chill out, chill rave, and psy minimal techno.

In closing, I believe that only sincere and unambiguous love of music, openness, and a high energy exchange of a musician interacting with a dance floor can turn a musical event into a unique journey into the depths of the spiritual world.