DJ Quendy

My name is Irina Quendy, I am from Russia and I have loved music and dance since my childhood.

I first visited a psychedelic festival when l was 18 and quickly realized that this form of music is perfect for encouraging spontaneous dance that helps the dancer to resonate with the vibration of the universe and immerse one's soul in healing meditation.

So I started collecting dance music, playing and compiling psychedelic music. In the process came an idea to create my own projects.

My first experience of making music was … Continue reading...



DJ 1001 is a DJ and festival organizer (co-founder of Children Area Alliance) from Russia (Moscow).

He have loved electronic music from childhood and his earliest musical influences are work from The Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, The Crystal Method, and The Chemical Brothers.

To him, the most fascinating thing about psytrance is the lack of words and the presence of sense: these only serve to divert a dancer or listener from truly understanding the music and the artist.

He began to write music in a myriad of different musical di… Continue reading...